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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology

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Armand L. Mauss


Armand L. Mauss


One major purpose of the research conducted by human relations agencies has been to determine the correlates of prejudice. The analysis of data has persistently aimed at identifying those groups within the population among whom the incidence of prejudice is higher. If such groups can be identified, programs to reduce prejudice can be designed especially for them. However, there is a strong feeling in the American society that certain groups, in the population are congenitally inferior to others. These are the ethnic minority groups, such as the Negro, the Spanish-American, the Oriental, the Jew, and the American Indian. Such a conception is a significant one in prejudice regardless of what the minority is. Few issues in the field of social psychology, or in sociology, are more vexing than the relative importance of various social factors in the formation of attitudes. Many studies have been made regarding racial prejudice and the individual, but fewer studies have been made on racial attitudes of whole communities toward ethnic minority groups in the United States.

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