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Master of Science (MS)



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William Stull


William Stull


As mass merchandising has become an important part of our American way of life and as competition has increased, marketers have recognized the need for a positive public image. Many retail store managers are now evaluating all inside selling activities to determine locations within the store that contribute to improved customer relations. The checkout station is considered one of the best areas for effective customer relations since the checker-cashier is of~en the only employee the customer contacts while shopping and since all customers must leave through the checkout area in many stores. Retail store managers recognize the need f or efficient, courteous checker-cashiers and seek persons who a re trained in merchandise checking and customer relations (d).

In 1968, the Supermarket Institute-National Cash Register Cashier-Checker Training program was initiated at Weber State College. At first , the program was offered as a night class during three of the four school quarters . In the past six years this course enrollment has grown enormously , from three classes per year to 8-12 classes per year. The facilities no"' permit enrollments of 30-40 students where only 20 students were permitted to participate in each training session.

In 1973 Weber State College decided to offer this course to high school students. Weber County District sent 40 students during the first quarter and Ogden City District sent 30 students. The students received release time from the school to go to the college from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. each day for six weeks of the quarter. At present, Weber State is setting up an articulated program where high school students will take the self-study package of learning and complete it at their high schools, and the balance of the time will be used in the specialized lab at Weber State, using the equipment in the lab (10).

In an interview with Dan Litchford, the acting department chairman, he stated, "There have been studies to evaluate and improve the course since it was first started . Most of the studies were to identify the need for graduates who have completed the SMI- NCR course" (10). This proposed study is the first to include evaluation of student performance on the job.

More specifically this study was designed to accomplish the following objectives :

1. To identify present employers of the graduates.

2. To obtain supervisor's evaluations of graduates proficiency with respect to:

a. Operation of cash register

b. Handling of checks

c. Making correct change

d. Handling food stamps

e. Handling merchandise adjustments

f. Weighing produce on scales

g. Stocking

h. Bagging