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From among the bountiful literature of vocal music and the numerous composers, the works discussed in this paper were chosen for this writer's master's recital as works representative of the finest of the given composer's output in song form, and as works which would present a challenge to the performer while exhibiting his vocal skills to greatest advantage in performance.

The long , hard road of preparation for the performance is only partially represented herein, All that remains visible of the hundreds of hours of effort devoted thereto is this mass of written data which evidences this writer's scholarly capabilities and his approach to the project as a whole. Lost, even to those who attended the recital, are the dynamics of the evening: the atmosphere of the concert, the mood of anticipation and anxiety, the presence and delivery of the performer, the co-work of the accompanist, the response of the audience, and the multitude of the other experiential aspects of the performance.

Also impossible to represent, but understood by those who have worked diligently to prepare for a concert or public performance, are the rigors of practice, criticism, and rehearsals.

The musical culmination of this project was the recital, The scholarly culmination is this paper, the purpose of which is to provide insights into the composers' lives, works, and style periods through application of the tools of musical research.

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