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Master of Science (MS)


Management Information Systems

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Ted Ivarie


Ted Ivarie


Lloyd Bartholome


Izar Martinez


As society changes, current educational systems need to be evaluated and upgraded. Methods and procedures of teaching become outdated with constant technological advances. Predictions of the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate, " ... more than 350,000 new clerical and related jobs will be added each year during the next decade."1 These projected workers will have to obtain training for their future careers. The business teacher has a responsibility to provide necessary training for students pursuing business careers.

How can these teachers prepare themselves to meet the needs of their students? An effective way for teachers to keep abreast of changes in educational philosophies is through additional schooling. However, Snelling states, "Further education is important and should have no limits, but the direction of that further education is what counts."

Teacher training institutions have a responsibility to keep their graduate programs relevant to the needs of business, society, and their students.

Teacher education institutions have the responsibility of providing both prospective and current business educators with the opportunity to develop the flexibility needed to cope with the challenges of the Future.

Conducting a follow-up study of graduates can provide valuable information to assure graduate programs are meeting the needs of modern business and society .


Department name when degree awarded: Business Education