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Master of Science (MS)


Management Information Systems

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Lloyd W. Bartholome


Lloyd W. Bartholome


Larzette Hale


William Stull


"In essence, careers for women should not be any different from careers for men. Decisions with respect to gainful and satisfying employment for women should be made on the basis of occupational outlook and the demand for workers in the growth occupations as well as on individual interests and capabilities." (Careers For Women In The 70s , page 11).

In recent years, a great deal has been written and spoken about equal rights for women, with equal employment opportunities being in the forefront. The Women's Liberation Movement has in some way touched the lives of each individual within our society today.

According to Maltz (1967), the self-.image is the foundation stone of the whole personality. Thus, it becomes relevant that examination be made of the female's image of herself in order to properly and objectively look at how other members of society view the woman and her role in business. It would appear to be worthwhile to take a look at what women outside of those actively participating in the Liberation Movement are thinking about themselves, and about their responsibility for meeting the demands made upon workers, in general, in the labor market.

In this study, a review was made of the present image of female workers in retailing jobs in Cache County, Utah. Consideration was given not only to how the female views her opportunities for advancement on the job, but also to how she feels about herself and her relationship to others in the world of work.


Department name when degree awarded: Business Education