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Master of Science (MS)


Management Information Systems

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T. W. Ivarie


T. W. Ivarie


As early as 1926, typewriting began to change from a strictly vocational skill to a multi-use skill that included nonvocational aspects. Since the skills required for vocational purposes are not the same as those required for personal use, typewriting instructors developed courses for those interested in learning personal-use typewriting.

The overall objective of a personal-use typewriting class is to equip the students with enough skill and knowledge to be able to express themselves "directly on paper without stumbling over the mechanics of either typing or language skills." The college class In personal-use typewriting is usually a one-semester class emphasizing composition at the typewriter of essays, outlines, speeches, articles, personal letters, and other personal papers. Wanous feels that college students especially have a great need to be able to compose at the typewriter


Department name when degree awarded: Business Education