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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate

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Alvin R. Southard


Alvin R. Southard


Seventy-eight soil samples belonging to 15 sites were sampled by SEAM project in 1976. These 15 pedons represent different soil types which cover the Manti-LaSal area in the central part of Utah. The 15 pedons were described in standard notation. Complete soil analysis was done. The soil analysis includes the following determinations: particle size distribution, moisture retention, soil pH, organic matter, electrical conductivity, calcium carbonate equivalent, cation exchange capacity , base saturation, extractable cations and saturation extract soluble. Also x-ray diffraction for selected horizons was done.

The 15 pedons were classified according to the currently used system. This report includes the classification and the interpretation of these soils. The purpose of this report is to facilitate planning the management of resources in the Manti-LaSal forest.