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The impetus for this paper arose out of a concern for the future of acquisitions at the Merrill Library. The common denominator between all disciplines represented in a university environment, the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge, is embodied in the academic library. The quest for knowledge often begins in the library; and the results of scholarly investigations are deposited on its shelves. As the quantity of published information increases, the importance of library collections as a vital element in the university community becomes increasingly evident.

In recent years, American academic library collections have suffered in the face of double-digit inflation. The Merrill Library is also experiencing this inflation-born atrophy of acquisitions . The purpose of the study is to examine the erosion of library purchasing power in terms of its effects upon library collections and the collection of the Merrill Library in particular. Central to this purpose is the way in which the Merrill Library has attempted to cope with the rising price of library materials.

The data used for the basis of this study were derived from the published literature and from the reports of Utah State University and the Merrill Library. The Subject Bibliography of Current Serials, 1976, prepared by the Merrill Library provided the basic data for several sections dealing with serial publications.

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