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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

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J. Nicholls Eastmond


J. Nicholls Eastmond


This paper is a summary of what I have learned through my studies and observations in the eclectic field of Instructional Technology. In order to provide a comprehensive narrative, I desire to take the reader on a phenomenological journey into some personal insights acquired from my academic studies in Instructional Technology as well as my past and present experiences, my teaching, medical and musical background and my beliefs. Throughout this journey, I will endeavour to substantiate the need for Instructional Technologists and all educators to design and implement tools and methods that address all aspects of the human intelligence and uniqueness of the learner. I will also explore the purposes and ends of education. This phenomenological exploration will look at the need to establish learning communities based on firm moral underpinnings and will present an approach to Instructional Technology founded on research and experience from other disciplines. In conclusion, I will present a personal vision of excellence for Instructional Technology that will be approached from a system of magnanimity.

I would ask the reader to proceed through this personal journey with an open mind and heart. Though you may find many areas of commonality and divergence, I would ask that this be a shared enterprise by which each of us evaluates honestly where Instructional Technology is presently and in what direction we need to take design, development and application of instruction and technology in the future to make it a truly human oriented activity. It is my hope that because of this search, guided by a vision of excellence and magnanimity, new approaches to design, education, assessment and evaluation may be considered that will lead every learner to a greater understanding, appreciation and acceptance of self in order to contribute more fully in a worldwide community.

This paper will draw upon the thoughts and research of many experts in diverse disciplines while being directed by my own reflective inquiry. Some of my questions will be answered in this report. However, many will require more time and thought before they can be fully addressed. Several of these foundational questions guiding my inquiry include:

1. What is, or should be, the purpose or purposes of education in a global society?
2. Can a common purpose for education be reached when there are so many differing assumptions and epistemologies?
3. What is the role of instructional and technological design in education?
4. How can Instructional Technology bring a greater sense of personal worth and peace to the learner?
5. What are the various aspects of intelligence that would need to be a part of any vision for education?
6. What is transformational education?
7. What is transcendental education?
8. What is the difference between transformational and transcendental education?
9. Given the global zeitgeist is it possible to develop a more comprehensive and congruent approach for Instructional Technology?
10. What could other fields and disciplines contribute to the design of such an approach?
11. What would an integrated, congruent, transcendent model of Instructional Technology look like?
12. What could this model be called?

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