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Master of Science (MS)


Political Science


The recent and rapid development of energy producing natural resources experienced in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming has created major growth problems for roosevelt City as well as all other political subdivisions located within the region. Emphasis on efficient management of public programs has been one of several methods utilized by Roosevelt City to meet the growing demand for municipal services. This is necessary as some services such as fire protection, are managed jointly with other municipalities. Then too, with inflation driving up operating costs, it is essential to carefully control expenditures of all public programs. The management studies conducted on the Roosevelt City Fire Department and Equipment Maintenance Division were designed to identify areas which would benefit form improved management practices and, further, to suggest alternatives for accomplishing these objectives. Results of the studies are as follows:

1. Roosevelt City would benefit significantly from a more equitable distribution of fire department expenditures.

2. Provisions of the joint fire department agreement allows for annual adjustments of departmental costs among the three municipalities. To do this, however, a reporting system is needed to more accurately monitor annual expenditures.

3.Greater inventory control and reporting of equipment maintenance costs to the city administrator is needed by the equipment maintenance department. A program to accomplish this is provided.

4. With more comprehensive vehicle record and reporting system, better budgetary planning and control is possible, and as a result, more efficient use of city revenues can be achieved.