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Creative Project

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Interior Design

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Darrin S. Brooks


Darrin S. Brooks


Steven R. Mansfield


Sarah Urquhart


Susie Tibbitts


J. Spencer Clark


With approximately 1.5 million orphans, over 200,000 street children, and 2,500 cases of child violence each year, Iran is not an ideal place for children. Although government groups and non-governmental organizations (NGO) have tried to provide facilities and institutional care centers, there are still many shortages that need to be addressed. Facilities that provide something more than the basic needs of these children are necessary. Orphans and street children face many difficulties during different stages of their lives that cause psychological and social problems for them. In addition, health problems and lack of education are other issues that they face.

Therefore, orphans and street children need not only a roof overhead but also a place to address their social, psychological, and educational needs. That place should help them forget their problems for even a short time during the day and make life easier for these children. It should be a place that creates a sense of comfort and protection.

The objective of this project is to create a peaceful and warm environment for orphans and street children to give them the feeling and idea of a home, which is something they may not have experienced before. The ultimate goal is the development of a center that will act as an effective home during daytime hours. This day facility will help the community to help orphans and street children develop skills to become self sufficient and successful instead of future criminals. This will be beneficial to both society and the economy of Iran.


NOTE: Due to file size constraints, this project is in 3 different parts.

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