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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Theatre Arts

Committee Chair(s)

Nancy Hills


Nancy Hills


Leslie Brott


Shawn Fisher


Bruce Duerden


Ah, Wilderness! is Eugene O’Neill’s only comedy. The story takes place over the 4th of July weekend and revolves around Richard Miller, a misunderstood teen who rebels against 1906 society with suggestive poetry and declarations of communism. When his girlfriend, Muriel, spurns him at the behest of her father, his antics take a darker turn and lead him to a night of drinking, prostitutes and fist fights. However, all ends well as the two lovers reunite and Richard is surrounded by the love and compassion of his family. Ah, Wilderness! was produced at the Old Lyric theatre in the winter of 2014 and was directed by guest director, Paul Barnes. Shawn Fisher designed the set, Bruce Duerden designed sound, and Steven Piechocki designed lights. My advisor for this project was Dennis Hassan, and Louella Powell served as a mentor. I was given a budget of two-thousand dollars and roughly two and a-half months from the first concept meeting to opening night for the project. While some of the costume pieces were rented, many—especially the women’s—were constructed for the show.