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Master of Education (MEd)



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Michael R. Bertoch


Michael R. Bertoch


In this paper, I will strive to bring together, both from literature and from my own experiences, pertinent information concerning Navaho witchcraft for the purpose of (1) presenting this information to the education staff at Wingate High School in the form of in-service training and (2) making this same information available to other Navaho high schools. It is hoped that this will help staff members to better understand the beliefs, fears, and emotional turmoils of the students with whom they are working and, thereby, be able to deal with them in a more knowledgeable and understanding manner.

The information presented in this paper from my own experiences what gained in counseling situations with Navaho students or in talking informally with Navaho students and adults. Names will not be mentioned in any of these cases for obvious reasons. Times and specific information may be slightly changed to protect privacy, but information basic to the concepts to be conveyed will not be altered.

The literature cited is primarily limited to research done prior to 1960. While more current research would be desirable, none has been done to my knowledge.