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The traditional model of identification and eligibility assessment in Special Education often is to refer-test-place, which is based on a "wait to fail" procedure. Research has shown positive outcomes for the use of a Response to Intervention (RTI) model of assessment as an alternative method of learning disability identification. However, challenges exist in the selection of high-quality, research-based, effective interventions. A review of the literature was conducted to identify reading intervention options based on Curriculum-Based Measurement outcomes that may be selected for RTI use within the model and the potential barriers of their use. Twenty-one studies were identified examining 31 different and/or combined interventions with 223 individuals receiving reading interventions. Results suggest that schools have many successful, empirically-based reading intervention options for use within an RTI model. These will be discussed, as well as challenges and the need for further studies to explore individual effects, at-risk definitions, sufficient growth, administration requirements, and outcome data.

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