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Educational Specialist (EdS)




Donna Gilbertson


One major concern when developing a Response to Intervention (RTI) multi-tier program is the procedural elements required to ensure effective instruction. Ten studies were reviewed to gain an understanding of the components that result in positive RTI outcomes in mathematics. Elements analyzed included RTI program procedures , tier administration and tier outcomes . Results suggest that several empirically-based math interventions are being used in RTI programs in the literature and the researchers are implementing options as part of the Classwide , Tier 2 and Tier 3 instructional programs. Intervention progress is monitored primarily using Curriculum Based Measurement procedures to evaluate performance levels and growth rates on computational math skills. Results from this review indicate, however , that among the students receiving intervention the percentage of students responding to the different interventions was not consistently 80% or more at each tier. Specific procedures including intervention training, frequency, session duration, group size and criterion to identify responders will be discussed as well as potential challenges in applied settings.

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Psychology Commons