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CEDAR Workshop; Boulder, CO; 2013

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Observations of mesospheric OH(6,2) rotational temperatures by the Utah State University Mesospheric Temperature Mapper (MTM) located at the Andes Lidar Observatory, Cerro Pachon, Chile (30.3°S, 70.7°S) reveal a large range of nightly variations induced by atmospheric gravity waves and tides, as well as strong seasonal oscillations. This study investigates MTM temperature variability over the past 3.5 years comprising over 800 nights of high-quality data and compares the results with ground-based spectrometric measurements from nearby El Leoncito Observatory, Argentina, Maui-MALT, Hawaii MTM measurements (2001-2005) and coincident mesospheric temperature measurement by SABER on the NASA TIMED satellite.


Poster presented at the 2013 CEDAR Workshop Meeting June 22-28 in Boulder,CO. PDF of poster is available for download through link above.

This research is supported under NSF collaborative grant #0737698, to whom we are most grateful