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Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology

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1. 1. Seasonal differences in metabolic and water loss rates were examined in three related species of grasshoppers collected from shrub-steppe communities in Utah: Arphia conspersa, A. pseudonietana and

2. 2 cohorts of Trimerotropis pallidipennis. 2. No significant differences (P = 0.05) in metabolic rates were observed between seasons (early vs late), between genera (Arphia vs Trimerotropis) nor among species.

3. 3. Early season (spring) grasshoppers had a higher (but non-significant) mean water loss rate (±X ± SD in mg.g−1-hr−1) (4.81 ± 1.53) than late season (summer) grasshoppers (4.43 ± 1.43).

4. 4. Among species, early season A. conspersa had a significantly higher water loss rate (5.22 ± 1.76) under similar conditions than late season A. pseudonietana (3.67 ± 1.22), but early season T. pallidipennis had a significantly lower water loss rate (4.40 ± 1.17) than the late season generation (5.32 ± 1.12).

5. 5. Because of variables that were not or could not be controlled, the relationship between these physiological traits and season was difficult to address.

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