Characterization, Thermogravimetric, and Kinetic Study of Pennycress Biomass

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Foster Agblevor


The increase in world population dictates that there is a need for new energy technologies that are domestic and sustainable. An energy source is needed that is both eco-friendly and renewable. Biomass has the highest potential to satisfy energy demand of modern society. Field Pennycress (Thlasphi arvense L., Brassicaceae) is found to be one of the ideal sources. Fast pyrolysis of Pennycress gives a good quality and stable bio-oil. In order to understand the thermal degradation process, and provide information for designing a pyrolysis process using biomass, kinetic research is of paramount importance .In this study, pyrolysis characteristics, Thermogravimetric, and kinetics analysis of Pennycress biomass was investigated. Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA Q500) was used and it is found that Pennycress decomposed below 500 oC with majority between 200 and 450 oC. Apparent activation energy ranged from 150 KJ/mol to 403.89 KJ/mol and Pre-exponential factor (A) ranged between 2.62 x 1010 and 1.44 x 1029. Besides that the Higher Heating Value (HHV) for pennycress biomass was found to be 19.13 MJ/Kg and Char yields and fixed carbon were found to be 24.71 wt% and 12.13wt% respectively.

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