Turbulent Flow Validation in the Helios Strand Solver

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Aaron Katz


This paper presents a validation of the turbulence models used in the "strand" solver that will appear in future versions of the Helios rotary-wing CFD/CSD software. We investigate turbulent flow validation of the strand-Cartesian approach for the Helios strand solver for high Reynolds number turbulent cases from the NASA-Langley turbulent online resource, comparing against two independent compressible codes: FUN3D and CFL3D. Second-order convergence of the solver is verified using the method of manufactured solutions implying correct spatial discretization of the turbulence model. A two-dimensional prototype strand solver is validated with zero-pressure gradient flat plate and bump-in-channel cases, and shows excellent agreement with FUN3D and CFL3D for various aspects of turbulent flow, including velocity profiles, turbulent viscosity profile, coefficient of surface pressure and drag. Further validation with a combined strand-Cartesian solver is conducted for NACA 0012 and NACA 4412 cases.

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