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2nd International Triticeae Symposium


Richard R-C. Wang


Logan, Utah

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Variation in high molecular weight glutenin subunit composition among 177 durum wheat genotypes, derived from a collection of durum wheat landraces from Jordan, was investigated using one-dimensional sqdium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. A total of 22 alleles, in addition to the null allele, Glu-A I c, were identified; three and seven novel variants were identified at the Glu-A I and Glu-B I loci, respectively. The null allele, Glu-A I c, had the highest (7 6. I%) frequency, followed by Glu-B I b (34. 7% ). Two loci at the Glu-B I locus were lacking, these were Glu-B I c and Glu-B I i. Glu-A I b was present with low (6.7%) frequency in this collection, however, it might have a positive effect on gluten strength of the end products of durum wheat. Polymorphism (He) at the Glu-A I and Glu-B I loci averaged 0.261 0.04 and 0.7330.02, respectively. He for Glu-A I was negatively (r=-0.467; P) correlated, while He for Glu-B I was positively (r=0.615; P), correlated with altitude of collection site. However, both He estimates were positively and significantly correlated with rainfall quotient.