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2nd International Triticeae Symposium


Richard R-C. Wang


Logan, Utah

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Crossing experiments were performed between and within taxa of Elymus sect. Elytrigia and sect. Caespitosae from Iran and two taxa from Central Asia and China. The hexaploid Elymus repens (genomic constitution SSH) was crossed with the octoploid E. elongatiformis. The chromosome associations at meiosis show that E. elongatiformis possesses the SSH genome of E. repens as well as and additional genome of unknown origin. Crosses between different accessions of E. libanoticus (genomic constitutions S) from W., NW. and N. Iran as well as crosses between E. libanoticus and accessions morphologically assignable to Elytrigia gracillima and Elymus sosnovskyi should therefore be merged into E. libanoticus. Crosses between Elymus libanoticus and the diploid Elytrigia geniculata ssp. ferganensis and Elytrigia strigosa ssp aegilopoides showed a high degree of meiotic pairing (c-values 0.6-0.8) confirming that these taxa have the genomic constitution S, as reported by Love. The pollen fertility was zero in both hybrids. The configurations at metaphase I in a hybrid between E. libanoticus and E. pertenuis (genomic constitution SP) indicate that the two species may share the same version of the S genome.

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