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Utah State University Faculty Honor Lectures


The Faculty Association, Utah State University

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Whether man can live in harmeny with his environment depends in great measure en his ability to' live with his fellew man. Can man learn to' engineer human seciety in time to' prevent a helecaust? Mere specifically, can we learn to' prevent aggressien er to' channel it harmlessly? The ethelegist leeks upen man's behavier as just part ef the tetal spectrum ef animal behavier. Therefere, much of what we learn abeut the behavier ef lewer animals sheuld relate to' human behavier.

Aggressien is in the headlines every day, and in the past few years there has been a 'Steady stream ef boeks abeut the causes and preventien of aggressien. Perhaps we can leek at human aggressien mere ebjectively if we study it in lewer animals. In this paper 1 will discuss the erigin ef aggressien, it's preximate causes, and the ways that its eccurrence is minimized in lower animals. I will then compare these findings with what we knew ef human aggres'Sion; finally, I will make seme suggestiens en possible ways to' reduce the dangers of human aggressien


This work made publicly available electronically on August 5, 2011.