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Utah State University Faculty Honor Lectures




The Faculty Association, Utah State University

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A BASIC OBJECTIVE of the Faculty Association of UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY, in the words of its constitution, is to encourage intellectual growth and development of its members by sponsoring and arranging for the publication of two annual faculty lectures in the fields of (a) the biological and exact sciences, including engineering, called the Annual Faculty Honor Lecture in the Natural Sciences; and (b) the humanities and social sciences, including education and business administration, called the Annual Faculty Honor Lecture in the Humanities. The administration of the University is sympathetic with these aims and shares the cost of publishing and distributing these lectures. Lecturers are chosen by a standing committee of the Faculty Association. Among the factors considered by the committee In choosing lecturers are, in the words of the constitution, (1) creative activity in the field of the proposed lecture; (2) publication of research through recognized channels in the fields of the proposed lecture; (3) outstanding teaching over an extended period of years; (4) personal influence in developing the characters of students. Professor Wilcox was selected by the committee to the Faculty Honor Lecture in the Natural Sciences. On behalf of the members of the Association we are happy to present her paper: GOOD NUTRITION AND THE FAMILY


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