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~~~ in the compounds of fluorine may be traced to one or more of the following factors: ( 1) the consumption of a drinking water containing one part per million of fluorine as a soluble flouride during the period of calcification and eruption of the teeth causes a reduction in the incidence of tooth decay; however, an intake of drinking water containing more than two parts per million of fluorine causes dental fluorosis of varying degrees in man and certain animals; (2) a continuous intake of excessive amounts of fluorine as mineral supplement, in contaminated forage, or the grazing of pastures on soils high in fluorine by young animals during the period in which their teeth are developing may affect them adversely; and ( 3) the unique properties of certain fluorine-containing products prepared in industrial plants have served many useful purposes.

The primary objectives of this paper are: (1) to give a brief summary of the occurrence in nature, preparation, properties, and some of the uses of fluorine and a few of its inorganic compounds; and (2) to describe some of the effects of certain fluorides on plants, animals, and man.

This paper will be limited to a discussion of a few typical investigations of the many studies dealing with this subject


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