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Utah State University Faculty Honor Lectures


The Faculty Association, Utah State Agricultural College

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Like to teach! Whether with the expectant, half-frightened freshman, the senior, worried about his preparation now that . he must get out and meet competition, or the graduate student interested in new discoveries, I like to work with all of them.

I have been teaching a long time now. As has always been the case when one generation is thinking of turning over its work to the next, I am glad to have the opportunity to talk about some of the things that I consider important in this job of teaching.

The most varied and the most acute problems of teaching in college are met with freshmen and sophomores. As a student advances in college he becomes less dependent on the teacher, though a good teacher is important at any stage of a student's education. It is during the earlier years of education that the influence of the teacher is greatest. My remarks will be directed chiefly to the problems of teaching the physical sciences to freshmen. Many of these problems are, however, common to the teaching of all subjects to all students.

Let us take a look at these freshmen. What are they like and why are they as they are? What can we expect of them? What should be our objectives in teaching them? How does science lend itself to the attaining of these objectives? Whatever these boys and girls are now, we must accept them as they are and do our best to help them to richer lives.


This work made publicly available electronically on August 15, 2011.