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Utah State University Faculty Honor Lectures


The Faculty Association, Utah State University

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Throughout most of this century Utah State University has been developing its competence to a position of eminence in the science and art of irrigation and related fields of agriculture and engineering. It has accepted the responsibility to train local as well as international students and through a contract with USAID, conduct research in developing countries. Thus, we in irrigation find ourselves an integral part of the U.S. strategy to assist in closing the gap in development and hopefully winning the battle against world famine. To many this seems hopeless, and it may be, but I have a feeling that it is possible to assist and under certain conditions achieve. Before discussing some of the technical problems and telling something about our activities, I want to analyze the world food and population situation that we must contend with. I hope that I can show where and how there is a place for irrigation and that by our assistance we need not be a party to a program of selecting or sorting out who is to be given a chance to live--triage. All this is based on a premise that we adjust our numbers to the carrying capacity of the land.


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