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Bachelor of Science (BS)




Throughout the world, there are problems threatening the lives and livelihood of humanity. Where there are problems, there are people who want to fix them. But charity has shown to be unsustainable and ineffective in creating positive change in the long run. Some companies have chosen to go beyond corporate philanthropy or "corporate social responsibility" by incorporating a social mission into the core of their businesses. The ideals and mission permeate through company goals and strategies. This new model of doing business seeks to sustainably create social value. But this undertaking would not be possible without creating economic value through the fulfillment of business level strategies. Not only does creating economic value enable the development of social business, the pursuit of social value can be conducive to building economic value. The purpose of this paper is to show how pursuing competitive strategies of price leadership and product differentiation builds economic value, which then allows companies to create sustainable positive social value and impact. Five businesses cases are presented that address social issues through the pursuit of different business level strategies.



Faculty Mentor

Dr. Christopher Reutzel