Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


This research project aims to create awareness, among landscape architects, on the importance of ecological design. Bioclimatic knowledge contributes to enhance the coexistence between natural and built environments, resulting in healthy places with high quality of life. The study examines ways of graphically representing climate information, to facilitate the understanding and application of bioclimatic design strategies for human comfort. Cache Valley, Utah is used as an example to demonstrate how extensive data can be represented graphically in a more readable and useful manner for practicing professionals. Temperature, humidity, wind and solar information were analyzed and converted into graphics through methods of bioclimatic analysis. The outcome is a recollection of graphic design guidelines to specific climate conditions, in this case Cache Valley, Utah. The resulting design guidelines will aid professionals to design sensitive spaces that minimize energy consumption while maximizing human comfort.



Faculty Mentor

Dr. Carlos V. Licon