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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Theatre Arts


Technological Evolution and its Effects on Graphic Design and Textbook Design Although fundamental principles of art and design have been around for thousands of years, the development of new technology has greatly altered how designers must use these foundations. This paper investigates how this complex history has changed graphic design practices and specifically the design of textbooks. It also discusses technology’s huge role in changing the way design fundamentals are taught and practiced and how this affects where the profession is headed. Through researching the history of graphic design and then examining three editions of the textbook, Design Basics by David Lauer that span a period of about 32 years, it is easy to see how society’s changing needs, as well as dramatically changing technology, have affected textbook design. This series of textbooks has evolved through multiple editions to appeal to a much broader group of people, especially students, and to include new technologies. These adaptations can easily be seen through evaluating what changes and additions have been made to these books. Technology has become the driving force behind design and specifically textbook design. This paper argues that technology will constantly be changing and evolving and that graphic design will continue to evolve at a similar rate to reflect these changes.



Faculty Mentor

Dr. Alexa Sand