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Bachelor of Arts (BA)




In the spring of 1975, upon learning that I had been selected as a summer intern in Congressman Gunn McKay's office, I thought that such an experience might readily serve as the basis for my senior Honors project. I discussed this possibility with Dr. Douglas Alder, the Honors Program Director, and Dr. Wendell Anderson, the intern advisor. With their approval, I decided to write one paper on my impressions of Washington as an intern and then upon my return to school, research and write another paper on an issue related to Congress. This is the reason my thesis project is in two parts.

When I selected the topic of "Campaign Finance" in the fall of 1975 I had little anticipation of the subject changing as greatly as it has. It has been fascinating to observe the changes invoked by the Supreme Court ruling, though frustrating in trying to complete the project. Because the topic is continuing to change and other reforms may still be made, some of the anticipated effects of the recent changes may not come to fruition. Nonetheless, I feel there is merit in examining where we are in the spring of 1976 and where that may lead us in the future.



Faculty Mentor

Wendell Anderson