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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Stephan Bialkowski

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Michelle Baker

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Steve Scheiner


Various water quality parameters were measured at seven sites along the Middle to Lower Bear River and compared across the sites, to past data and to set standards in Utah and Idaho. Much of the data was comparable to past data with most state standards being met. However, nitrate was above indicator level for half of the sites, and turbidity is a problem at the last two sites. Also, chloride and unionized ammonia are at high levels by the last site. Overall, the river tended to decrease in water quality as it moved downstream, with dams like at Cutler Reservoir acting as reset points at times. Pharmaceutical concentration was in the ng/L range, with the highest caffeine value at Alexander Reservoir and the highest acetaminophen value at Oneida Narrows. There were no correlations found between pharmaceuticals and other water quality parameters. However, the pharmaceutical concentration could not accurately be determined due to interferences, bad recovery, and high blanks, which may have affected results.