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Interior Design


This thesis will discuss a collaborative project between the senior students in the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning (LAEP) department and the Interior Design (ID) Program. In an effort to understand and address the needs of the refugees who reside in South Salt Lake we will research, go on site visits, speak with refugee families, and meet with the outreach coordinator for the refugee community of South Salt Lake. All needs, whether observed or mentioned specifically, will be taken into account and addressed within the parameters of the project.

LAEP students will create an urban plan for the redevelopment of nine blocks from 300 West to South Main Street and 2100 South to West Truman Ave in South Salt Lake. ID students will design buildings and interiors to meet the needs of refugees and support community infrastructure.

The goal of this project is to encourage community building through developing the infrastructure in this area. The parameters for this project involve the redesign of a nine block area and to design the three spaces specified by the outreach coordinator and specialist for the refugee community in South Salt Lake. The spaces include an apartment complex, marketplace, and transit center.



Faculty Mentor

Susan Tibbitts

Departmental Honors Advisor

Rachel Middleman

Capstone Committee Member

Nicholas Morrison