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Spring 2017

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Departmental Honors




Research shows that parenting interventions make a significant difference in the lives of children with behavioral and emotional problems (de Graaf et al., 2008a; de Graaf et al., 2008b; Phaneuf & McIntyre, 2011; Roberts et al., 2006; Whittingham, Sofronoff, Sheffield, & Sanders, 2009). However, not all parents need intensive interventions. There is little research that has evaluated the effectiveness of a brief parenting handout intervention on parenting knowledge. The goal of this study was to determine if a brief informational handout about parenting increased parenting knowledge in college students. Students were asked to complete the pre-intervention survey that measured their initial parenting knowledge and asked about their demographics. They were then randomly assigned to read either a handout on effective behavior management at home (intervention group) or developmental milestones (control group). Finally, they were asked to complete the post-intervention survey that measured their parenting knowledge a second time. An independent sample t-test comparing mean change between groups on Knowledge of Effective Parenting Practices (KEPS), using raw change scores, was conducted. There was no statistically significant difference between the group that received the effective behavior management handout (M=0.13; SD=1.98) and the group that received the developmental milestones handout (M=-.10; SD=2.72); t(151)=0.61, p=0.542. This indicates that the behavior management intervention handout was not effective in increasing parenting knowledge in college students. However, participants found the information in the handout to be more effective than the developmental milestones handout; t(151)=4.56, p<.001. Further research needs to be done to determine if a brief parenting handout can be effective in increasing parenting knowledge.

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Psychology Commons



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Gretchen Peacock

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Maryellen McClain Verdoes

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Scott Bates