Design Baseline Document: Mini Baja Frame

Michael Luke Scoggins, Utah State University



Our objective as the Mini Baja Frame team is to design and implement a prototype vehicle frame that is both cost-effective and competitive in an all-terrain racing environment. This vehicle must be able to endure the trials of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Mini Baja competition. An effective frame will contribute to the complete Utah State University Mini Baja Team objectives by efficiently integrating the components produced by the drivetrain and the suspension engineers. In addition, this competition is a means for us as students to gain valuable, tangible experience in the engineering design process.


Our target customer is Jackson Graham, a representative of Utah State University . Through our success in this design process, we would positively represent the quality of education and training received by students of this university.

Target End User

The end users of this product include the students working on the USU Mini Baja teams, future student competitors, and the recreational vehicle industry at large.

Interfacing Systems and Users

Our frame design will interface with the products of the drivetrain and the suspension teams in order to fulfill the competition objectives. Ease of integration is paramount to our success. This will be achieved through constant communication and collaboration with the design teams mentioned above and our customer. The frame will also interface with the driver through its safety mechanisms, controls, and structural support.

Issues of Primary Concern

The frame of an off-road recreation vehicle is the first line of defense against injury. Because the 2017 Baja SAE Rules were created to ensure the safety of the driver, adherence to these rules is the primary concern of this project .


The 2017 Baja SAE Rules provide a reference point for many of the engineering requirements discussed in this section. The rules document will be discussed further in Section 2.1. For the full requirements enforced by the SAE Baja administration, see Appendix C.