Date of Award

Spring 2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Departmental Honors


Interior Design


Thesis Statement

Lighting plays an essential role in the modern world. Electrical lighting from fluorescent bulbs to LED fixtures greet humans from the moment they wake up until the moment they sleep at night. Light is essential to human life. As such, lighting has been and continues to be a prominent element of design from the grandiose chandeliers of the Rococo period to the minimal, modern lighting of the 21st century.

Lighting continues to be researched, developed, and innovated and plays such an essential role in homes, offices, and the interior or exterior of any building. Lighting design has been pushed more recently by the need to be more energy efficient and renewable, and the phasing out of incandescent bulb production expanded lighting to new directions not tried in the past. Lighting is the way individuals see, and effects the visual perception of a space, making it one of the most important elements of a well-designed interior. Can the lighting that is used in homes, work spaces, and any interior be designed to not only be energy efficient but also be healthier for humans?



Faculty Mentor

Darrin Brooks

Departmental Honors Advisor

Marissa Vigneault