Date of Award

Spring 2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Departmental Honors


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology


A contextual analysis was conducted of Utah domestic violence agency websites to determine if these agencies recognized and/or acknowledged male victims of domestic violence and if the provided similar services to male victims that are provided to female victims of domestic violence. A Google search was conducted to obtain a list of Utah domestic violence agencies and their web addresses. The search revealed sixteen (16) Utah domestic violence agencies across the state, however; only twelve (12) agencies had websites. All sixteen (16) agency names were used in the analysis to see if the agency(s) name itself implied exclusivity for a particular population. The results of the study indicated five (5) agencies implied exclusivity to women based on the name of their agency. The remaining analysis pertained to the twelve (12) agencies' home page and service pages of their websites. Analysis of the twelve (12) agency websites resulted in two (2) agencies that recognized men as victims of domestic violence on their website home page. These two (2) agencies indicated men were overcoming domestic violence or fleeing domestic violence. The analysis also revealed two (2) agency website service pages that indicated they provided services to male victims of domestic violence. However, the services provided specifically to men by these Utah domestic violence agencies were limited when compared to the services offered to women. These results demonstrate that men continue to encounter barriers when seeking services of help as a victim of domestic violence, despite evidence that they, too, are victimized in this way. It also demonstrated the lack of resources available to male victims in comparison to the resources available to female victims of domestic violence.

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Sociology Commons



Faculty Mentor

Jenifer Evers

Departmental Honors Advisor

Jennifer Roark