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Martha Taylor Dever


This research began with the question, “How do children respond and connect to literature? The purpose of the research was to collect data about how children make connections to literature through text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections. Three picture books were selected, and using an intact, 1st grade classroom over a period of three days, the teacher read the children the three different stories. The children were asked to listen to the stories and then respond to them. During the class discussion, field notes were taken to record childrens’ responses to different questions. Data were collected in the form of written and oral responses from children. Children were allowed to write or draw their answers to the questions they were asked;and they had the opportunity to elaborate on their responses. All date were analyzed qualitatively.

The study suggested that children were able to make more text-to-self connections than any other type of connections. Further, they and were able to feel empathy for characters and expressed advocacy.

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