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My technical/professional writing courses and experiences at Utah State University have taught me the importance of clear accessible writing and layout. As a senior honors student, I wished to practice the readability and accessibility skills I have acquired by creating a portfolio of technical writing projects. This would serve as a helpful instrument of practice for my entry into the technical writing profession. The portfolio includes three different projects: a non-periodic publication (Boise State Classroom Technology Bulletin), a newsletter (EIMCO Carrousel System Operators' Newsletter) and a procedures manual (Petroglyph Magazine Procedures). The written narrative that accompanies this portfolio summarizes the justification for the projects I chose to analyze, including the criteria I analyzed them against; a background of each project; the changes I made to increase accessibility and why; and a conclusion exploring how and if goals were attained.



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K. A. Grant Jamie

Departmental Honors Advisor

Capstone Committee Member