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Departmental Honors




The purpose of this project was to create, plan, and implement an original instructional module on the topic of valuing diversity in business. My areas of emphasis were gender, sex role issues, and communication.

My responsibilities included: coordination with the instructor in all stages of planning and implementation; researching appropriate learning models for such a course; identifying topics of greatest significance within diversity; preparing and presenting one complete day of instruction; adapting cases and worksheets for both the course introduction and the gender issues/ communication sections; conducting personal interviews with appropriate resource individuals; creating an original group project; arranging for specialists to do guest presentations for the course; and various other necessary work.

The implementation of the project took place during a week long summer credit workshop on "Valuing Diversity" on June 17-21 at Utah State University. This was the first time the course was ever taught. I was involved from the initial planning stages for the workshop, and presented my specific module on Tuesday the 18th.



Faculty Mentor

Shari Lewis

Departmental Honors Advisor

Capstone Committee Member