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Languages, Philosophy and Speech Communication


The goals behind researching and writing this thesis are multifaceted and although many are outside of the scope of this paper, they express basic reasons for my choice. The paper is titled "Existentialist Themes in Three Works", and development and discussion are literary and philosophical in focus.

The first and most important reason for my choice was that, being a biology major, this project has provided the opportunity to pursue one of my minors, French. It has given me the chance to work under the direct tutelage of Dr. Lynne Goodhart, whom I would like to thank wholeheartedly. All three works were read in both French and English. Direct comparisons between the translations could then be made, greatly increasing my knowledge of French. Parallels in idiomatic language were quite interesting. Although my proficiency in French was not as I hoped or as it has been in the past, reading works in the author's own language is best because many subtleties are indeed "lost in translation". Also, I have developed a clearer understanding of one of the most debated philosophical theories of modern time, existentialism.

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Lynne Goodhart

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