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Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences


A crisp pilsner beer, still dripping from its icy spot in the cooler, complements any sunny summer barbecue, while in the winter a rich burgundy warms the throat and soul, a perfect fireside companion. The mothers who frequent the Wonder bread discount outlet demonstrate to what extent our hectic society takes the staff of life for granted. It is difficult to imagine them actually baking every loaf, roll, bun, and donut that they toss into their carts while herding rambunctious broods down the narrow aisles. Rarely does anyone give a second thought to these ancient components of civilized life beyond slapping another slice in the toaster or agonizing over which beverage correctly accompanies the main course when guests come for dinner. They spend even less time thinking about the tiny fungus that toils mysteriously without oxygen or light to produce these staples of daily life. Without the yeasts, close relatives of the mold family, there would be no alcohol, drinkable or industrial, our staff of life would most closely resemble saltines, and the world at large would suffer losses more significant than these self centered examples from a human perspective.

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