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Management Information Systems


This management information system is specifically designed to provide the managers of the Living Scripture's Summer Program with complete, timely, accurate sales data for each sales person, each team and both groups. The system uses dBASE IV Version 1.2 as its foundation. A majority of the functions the system performs are specialized features of DBASE IV, although some major modifications have been made to the DBASE code in most of the reports. The modifications were made to meet the user's specifications. The major functions of the system requiring user input include; inputting personal information for each sales person, inputting weekly sales statistics for each sales person, and editing any of the previously mentioned records. Once the data is in the system, the system compiles the data into specific ratios and averages, then generates many different, detailed reports. The reports are designed to assist managers in making critical management decisions, in creating a weekly newsletter and in providing important feedback information to each sales person.

The system is entirely menu driven, providing easy access for the most novice user. User with experience in DBASE IV will find the system easy to modify and easy to update if they familiarize themselves with the main program, the program modules, and the report queries. Most of the d BASE coding for the reports has been modified to appear in the proper format both on the screen and in the printouts. Appendix A includes a model of dBASE report code that has been modified as a reference for future report modifications.



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