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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


For this project my team and I were asked to design and manufacture a rickshaw, a device which will enable disabled individuals to experience outdoor hiking trails, for a non-profit organization based in Logan, Utah called Common Ground. Common Ground specializes in helping people with disabilities experience the outdoors in ways that would otherwise be impossible. The rickshaw will help Common Ground achieve its goals by providing them with a way to transport people with disabilities on moderately difficult hiking trails (i.e. Wind Caves Trail in Logan Canyon). In the past, Common Ground had use of a rickshaw that had two wheels attached by a rigid base to the frame.

This previous design was not conducive for use on steep and/or rocky terrain and made loading and unloading passengers difficult. This previous design was used until one of the front handles failed at a weld location. The new rickshaw design we developed for this project improved upon the previous design and was analyzed and tested to ensure the final rickshaw product would be capable of withstanding all forces the rickshaw would experience while going on hiking trails. From the team's analysis it was concluded that the final rickshaw product met the requirements and safety factors. The final rickshaw product also offers a safer and stronger design along with a more ergonomic experience for the rickshaw passenger as well as for the front and rear drivers.

The final rickshaw product can carry up to a 200 lb. person and is capable of maneuvering and overcoming obstacles typical of hiking trails of moderate difficulty. In addition, the final rickshaw product contains a parking brake that allows the rickshaw to provide a solid base for loading/unloading and for rest stops throughout the duration of the hike.



Faculty Mentor

Jackson Graham

Departmental Honors Advisor

V. Dean Adams