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Not only did World War II bring about changes to the economy and policy in the United States, it also changed women's fashion and, consequently, the way in which women's fashion was presented through marketing efforts. This study is an investigation of how changing social norms, as seen in various marketing material, may have impacted women's attire before and after World War II. The study will be conducted by analyzing various reports on how changes came to pass throughout this time, and how different factors may have instigated the change. Additionally, an analysis of marketing materials used pre and post World War II will be analyzed to better understand how the changes in fashion were presented to the general public. This evaluation and analysis will be conducted by research through various historical books and journals that discuss how changes in fashion took place due to economic changes around the world. This information will then be used to gain a deeper understanding as marketing material is reviewed to evaluate how these changes were presented to the public. It is expected that the study will reveal women being depicted as stronger, more independent, and wearing clothing that may be slightly more revealing than previous styles due to the availability of materials during the war

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Nancy Hills

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Deanne Brocato