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Art and Design


Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.— Robert L. Peters

The way that people influence their surroundings through art and design is a fascinating lens through which to view culture and history. Visual arts, including architecture, illustrate how cultures meld and shape one another’s histories and values as they come in contact. Pattern making, in particular, is found in every culture as a way of recording and making sense of the patterns of life. This project seeks to highlight the interconnectedness of cultures by examining the history and cultures of three European countries through the lens of pattern design. Field research was conducted in Italy, Romania, Spain by visiting museums, natural and historic sites, talking with locals, and examining art and architectural styles through sketching, photography, and a series of memoirs. The culmination of this project is a line of coordinating, but distinct, wallcovering designs that represent each of the three countries. The collection illustrates the individual yet interconnected natures of these countries, emphasizing the beauty of being distinct yet connected.



Faculty Mentor

Holly Murdock