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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


Laval Morris was the founder of the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

department at USU. He is an important figure in the history of our university the state and

intermountain region. One of the last remaining landscapes that he designed for the university is

USU’s Passive Recreation Garden.

Over time the garden has become degraded, overrun by invasive plants and was almost

completely destroyed in 2004. It is important to preserve and restore this garden because of its

importance to Laval and to the history LAEP at Utah State University.

My thesis is a documentation of the gardens importance and its history, from conception

to its current degraded state and everything in-between. I have re-discovered the original planting

plan for the site, found old photographs, meeting minutes and other correspondences and

conducted interviews of people who knew Laval and the garden and what it meant to him. As

part of my thesis, I am also documenting and influencing the garden’s reconstruction and

restoration plans for the future. From all this, I have put together as complete a story as I can.



Faculty Mentor

Michael Timmons