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Departmental Honors


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Multiple lateral control systems are analyzed for use in a vehicle platoon system. In order to ensure the safety of the vehicle platoon, the system must operate under three constraints: (1) accurate path following, (2) string stability, and (3) functionality in the presence of noise. Computer simulations are employed to analyze candidates according to the safety requirements. Actual vehicle kinematics and nonlinearities - limits on turn radius, velocity, and acceleration - are included in this analysis.

Successful control system candidates are implemented in a platoon of five differential-steer vehicles. The sensing and communication requirements of the control system are discussed. Experimental results are compared to the computer simulations. This analysis results in an implementation of a control system which functions according to the previously listed constraints.



Faculty Mentor

Ryan Gerdes

Departmental Honors Advisor

Dean Adams

Co-Faculty Mentor

Donald Cripps