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Art and Design


My interest lies in creating strong compositions that incorporate color, abstract lines, and shapes. Color is my main focus and I am interested in how the colors in my watercolor sketches translate into my printmaking work and vice versa. The comparison of the more spontaneous and organic way of working with watercolor, in contrast to the printmaking process, which involves strategy and planning, could end in some unusual and unexpected results.

My thesis is based on my exploration of merging or translating my watercolor paintings with my printmaking work. By using and combining formal elements such as line, shape, texture, space and color 1 can work towards abstraction. This process of working with different media will allow me to use techniques 1 have learned from my classes and bring together aspects from each medium to create an interaction of multiple media. My goal was to experiment with watercolor drawings, various printmaking media, and combine them in a variety of ways, both directly and indirectly.



Faculty Mentor

Kathy Puzey

Departmental Honors Advisor

Rachel Middleman

Capstone Committee Member

Jane Catlin