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Departmental Honors


Economics and Finance


What you are about to read is a final project meant to incorporate ideas from my undergraduate coursework with my interests in medicine and economics. Issues in health care, especially insurance, fascinate me and I chose to use my Honors Capstone Project as an opportunity to further my understanding of issues important to me as both a future physician and businessman. The purpose of this paper is to practice critical and analytical thinking skills by exploring some of the challenging issues surrounding American health insurance and the Affordable Care Act while also gaining a deeper understanding of the nuances of the health care system I will one day practice in.

I've made a conscientious effort to incorporate ideas and concepts from my economics and business coursework into this paper to create a crossover between the theoretical concepts discussed in the classroom and current real world events. The hope is that the final product will not only act as a personal writing sample, but also be informative and entertaining to the reader by conveying relevant and pertinent information. Every section of this paper is meant to tell a story: each one with an interesting history, a thorough analysis, and a forecasting of what is to come. Not all of the stories will have a neat or happy ending, but nonetheless, these are the stories that must be told

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Christopher Fawson

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Shannon Peterson