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This project was designed as a way for me to create lesson plans that incorporate the research proven highly effective method of using storytelling to teach math. My plan is to incorporate these lesson plans into my future classroom. All of the lesson plans are based on the math common core standards and as such are designed to help students understand and be able to apply these concepts in real-life situations. The main objective of using storytelling to teach these lessons is to help make math "come alive" for these students and help to show them that math can be fun and is something that helps make our lives easier each and every day. In my thesis, I present research on the different methods used to teach math in a storytelling format and the positive benefits that this has for students.

As I want to teach in French immersion classrooms, all of my lesson plans and supplementary materials are in French. The reason for this is two-fold. Creating these lessons in French helped to increase my French math vocabulary and also will allow me to have even more resources that I can use when teaching in French immersion classrooms. In doing observations and working a little bit in French immersion classrooms I have seen how the materials and resources available aren't as extensive as they could be and thus I want to help change that. My ultimate goal is that these lessons can at least generate ideas for actual lesson plans that are applied in the classroom and help to make mathematics learning and teaching, particularly in a foreign language, fun and enjoyable.



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Sarah Gordon

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Scott Hunsaker